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HOW TO: Change License Info in Visual Studio 2010 Splash Screen, About Box, and Assembly Info

For whatever reason you may need to change the 'License To' info for Visual Studio 2010. The biggest benefit of keepoing this accurate is to ensure your assembly information gets prepoulated correctly when creating new projects. Here's how you do it... [More]

FIXED: Twitter Confirmations Not Getting to SmarterMail Servers

This one stumped me for literally months.  And I blamed every system other than SmarterMail, which turned out to be a good thing because I learned more.  But here's the skinny: I use SmarterMail 7.x (may apply to other versions) to host my mail ... [More]

EXAMPLE: Loading a Ext JS TreePanel with a JsonStore

If you have worked with the TreePanel, you know that you need to use the TreeLoader to actually load some data into the tree. But my needs on a recent project required a more 'abstract' approach, so I used a JsonStore. Here's why... [More]

SOLUTION: Flex VideoPlayer, VideoDisplay, Media Server and the Query String

Flex VideoPlayer, VideoDisplay, Media Server and the Query String - Query string variables never seem to make it to the media server from the VideoPlayer or VideoDisplay component. Here's why... [More]